A Change in the Bathroom

by Kim Kinrade

bathroom remodeling, cheap bathroomsNot so long ago the typical bathroom was made up of three traditional pieces tucked away in a cubicle room: sink, toilet and shower-bath. The bathroom was functional, if not austere, and the only defining features were the shower curtain designs, sink top and floor. If you had more space and money you could have jetspa tubs and glass shower cabinets installed. The avante garde might have a bidet. Spacious In new home designs bathrooms have undergone drastic changes. Space is now being allocated to the lowliest of rooms so that the cube-shaped room carved out of the bedroom space is now a bygone memory.

Like bedrooms, kitchens and other living spaces bathrooms are being designed to encompass other activities such as reading, watching television and relaxation.To enhance these experiences new conveniences were added to the plans. For example, in some plans, the shower area was enlarged and glassed in to accommodate steam, sauna, rain shower and an audiovisual system all controlled by a “smart panel.” Bathtubs have been enlarged for more massage jets in the spa and also include the audiovisual systems. Even the mirrors have changed in size and scope. They are smaller than the huge vanity mirrors of the past but now you can get a television built in. If you don't like what you see in the mirror change the channel!


bathroom remodeling, cheap bathrooms1.Showers:

Showers, as stated earlier, have been enlarged and fitted with more relaxation features. In addition stone is becoming a popular choice for the walls and floor over tile and acrylic. A large glass front facing and door completes the outdoors-look and more attention placed on controls, whether they be textured shower hardware or digital “smart panels.” TAGs new shower has 18 shower heads and jets.

2. Colors:

Neutrals, the choice of homeowners for years, are giving way to bolder colors: dark blues, bluish-greens and deep ruby-reds. The metal finishes are also taking on color. Matte and polished chrome faucets and accessories are either darkening to bronze and wrought iron or glistening with a gold or copper.

3. Lighting:

It used to be that bathrooms were lit by single bulbs or fluorescents. Then came the dressing room lights that framed the mirror. The energy-wasting bulbs are gone and the old, standard fluorescent tubes are being banished to the garage or closet to be replaced by incandescent and halogen downlights or sconces which provide whiter, more attractive lighting.

4. Floors:

Flooring in high end bathrooms is often an extension of the other surfaces. So if brown-ish gold marble is used in the glassed-in shower stalls the look is extended to the floors and, sometimes, the vanity tops. But tile is still the big seller while linoleum has settled way back into third place.


For major bathroom remodeling in Elyria you will need permits for structural, electrical and plumbing changes. Your contractor has this information or your can contact:

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